Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Keepers of the Light

The Keepers of the Light, who day by day,
Wipe clean the lamp, that it will clear display;
Trim back the wick, so that it will burn bright,
Then add the oil, enough to burn all night.
'Tis not their lot to turn the helms of ships,
Nor change the tide, or stop the wind that whips;
Their portion is that precious light to tend;
And o'er and o'er a constant message send.
The Keepers of the Light, at eventide,
Kindle the lamp, which shall in the darkness guide
The mariners who ply the treach'rous sea,
Oft' peering in the dark, so anxiously.
That steady beam which says that 'Someone Cares',
Makes even hardened seaman offer prayers;
That still on earth are such as these
Concerned to help them safely cross the seas.
The Keepers of the Light, in midnight drear',
They know not who is watching – far or near;
Nor can they see the weary sailor weep,
When lost at sea, A glimpse! A bearing reap!
These faithful souls, whose vigil in the night
Steadfast to send a beacon of bright light;
It matters not how fierce and storm and gale,
They purpose true: "The Light Must Never Fail!"

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